The Redemption of The Dark Templar

This is about the way I live my life. There is no political or religion issues in it. Readers supervision are advised.

~ I know I've been so lazy in both my studies and my "training". Therefore, I hereby to make an oath to redeem what I have missed in my life. It is my destiny not to mistaken my existence for a simple life anymore, for a cruel fate is waiting ahead. I must realize that my philosophy
"AKU SOKU ZAN" which means SLAY EVIL IMMEDIATELY have toughen my mind and my "kiai". This philosophy even made me survived during the age of The Fall of The Dark Templar.

~Even I know that not even a person in this entire humans colony could fade my eternal glowing spirit, somehow it appears that actually I have been torturing and scaring my very own self throughout these years. I can feel the burning fire in my blood, I can feel that my darkest secret is about to unfold before my eyes...... that's why I cannot let my guard down. I have to stay focused all the time just to ensure that my passions are preserved, hehehe...what ever that means... :p

~And the philosophy that i care and trust the most which is
"STAND-ALONE & SELF-STYLED" appears swollen into the darkness that I cannot follow. Without even knowing or realizing it, it vanished. I must now seek and bring that philosophy to life once again, only than..... my VICTORY over everything will be assured.

.......end of transmission.......

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