PMR 2009

Cis, budak-budak yang nk PMR tuh....Hah, rasekan kau penangan kene pekse beso....
Naseb baek aku nyer zaman dh tamat....lega rasenye....

Aviation Job

I have two ambitions. Pilot and pilot engineer. I just love the aviation job...I have targeted to enter the Malaysia Airline Collage after SPM..Wish me luck in my ambition...For now, I focus on my Physics and Modern Maths subjects.


I am a martial arts practitioner. I love Japanese martial arts. For the time being, I join Koryu-Budo. Koryu-Budo is an ancient Japanese martial arts and it is a ninjitsu. Ninjitsu is a major armed martial arts which means weaponry trainings are included. Training in koryu-budo is different since we are trained in many scenarios that include physical,mental,speed,agility,joint locks techniques,gymnastic,weapons training,ground fighting,open hands against open hands,open hands against armed, one against one,one against many,and many more. Martial arts has already became part of me.

Selamat Hari Raya

Kepade sume umat Islam, Selamat menyambut hari raye aidilfitri. Wei Shapek, ko nnt dtg umah tau, bnyk cookies....

This one was during school holiday, my family and I were having vacation in Pulau Besar, Melaka.

July 2008,
The one in white T is Shafiq. I was in black T shirt. I was involved in a kamikaze fight in SSI.